René Allen is the Author of UMBRELLA LIFE ~ a BLOG for Authors, Writers, Readers, and people who live life expecting creative expression to manifest daily.
UMBRELLA LIFE is a joyous journey about what the mind can create to open up possibilities that inspire, uplift, and encourage limitless possibilities.  Life is for the living, and there is no reason not to have an abundant life.  It all starts with your thoughts.  Your mind is a powerful tool that you can’t afford to neglect.
I invite you to journey with me, and experience life under my umbrella.  It is a path that will open up your mind to create something new in your life daily.  I hope that you will enjoy what you find here, and I pray that you will be blessed each time you visit here.
All the readers of UMBRELLA LIFE look forward to hearing about your exciting experiences during 2015, so please share your thoughts!
René Allen

One thought on “UMBRELLA LIFE

  1. Thank you for viewing UMBRELLA LIFE. Feel free to comment here on the Blog and/or email me with your thoughts, comments, suggestions and input once you have viewed any of the posts you find on UMBRELLA LIFE. ENJOY!

    Have a blessed day ~
    René Allen

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