Umbrella Life ~ Autumn is here…


Well Readers and Umbrella handlers, let it be known that Autumn is here.

Sometimes we let our Umbrellas down all the way, and sometimes we place our Umbrella to the right or left of us.  Well today good people, we are sash~sashaying toward an uplifting season.  We are going to handle our Umbrellas like they are a dear friend.

There are many times in life where you are caught off guard, and the rain pours down, and there is no Umbrella in sight.  Well, not this season.  This season, we are always going to be prepared.  How so, you ask?  We are going to put our miniature umbrellas in our hand bags, briefcases, carry~alls, and throw an extra Umbrella of larger size in our car, truck or SUV.  Then, we are going to march on like our day is full of Sunshine, whether it is or not.

November is coming up, and it is National Novel Writing Month starting on November 1st, 2016 — We don’t have time to worry about the rain.  It is time to WRITE!

I hope that you are ready for your 2016 Novel.  Do check into and sign up if you have not done so aleady.  Be prepared to write a 50,000 word Novel in 30 days.  You can do it, and you’ll have a lot of other Novel Writers clicking away on those keys with you.

And remember, if it happens to rain and you forget your dear friend, the trusty umbrella — don’t worry, shift your focus to something more important — Write a Novel.  You have so many Novels inside of you, it is now time to pull one out.

In an Emergency of a down-pour, just pull out your Raincoat with hood, and keep it moving!

SEE you back here soon NOVELISTS…

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Umbrella Life ~ Spring Thoughts…



Today is a brand NEW day, and we are embarking on a New Season ~ Yes, SPRING ~ 2016!

Now that we have entered into the Spring Season, it is now time to reflect on those jewels hidden within…

What new thing or things are you going to dare to do this Season?

Let us first be appreciative of all of the joyous people that we have in our lives — friends, family, co-workers, and also all of the new friends that we are meeting along the way in life.

Review Time…

Sometimes it is worth it to stop and reflect.  Reflection has a way of keeping you on track.  One way to help you with your progress is to Journal.  I can’t stress it enough.  You’ll find that I always mention Journaling, because it is very helpful in so many ways.  You will begin to keep your thoughts close to your heart when you Journal daily.  You’ll find that your mind becomes clearer and more focused on your aspirations. 

KEY POINT There are no errors — everything becomes a work in progress.  You can learn from every thought that you share in your Journal with yourself.  The best way to keep in touch with your mental state is to record it.  Yes, write it down.  Meditate on why you feel the way you feel.

Pay attention to the interesting people that cross your path.  Understand that sometimes the things that you are looking for are right in front of your face — literally!

It will be interesting to find you Journaling in the months of April and May, and discovering deep jewels during the month of May after you go back and read your April Journal notations.  Give it a try — We’ll be here waiting to hear what you find out about yourself and the process that you undertake as you search your soul.

With determination, you’ll be sure to improve not only your life, but the lives of all those who you may come in contact with, as you dare to accomplish those things that are close to your heart in this Season.

Here are a few tips for you…

  1.     You can decide to shape your life on this day in your mind, body. and soul.
  2.     You can also decide to forgive others for anything that they may have done to you, said to you, or said about you that had affected you in a negative way.
  3.      You can forgive yourself and anyone else for the shame or self-defeating thoughts that you have been carrying around; and you can exchange those thoughts and feelings for a vision of spiritual purifying rain washing away the negative impacts that may have put a damper on your life in the past.
  4.      It is never worth carrying around old luggage that weighs you down.  And, remember that negative interactions in life add up to heavy burdensome luggage.  You don’t need it, and you don’t want to carry that into another amazing Season in your life.

Without any excuses whatsoever, let us go back to the original question for today…

What new thing or things are you going to dare to do this Season?

Whatever happened to you that took a little piece of your spirit just simply made room for another divinely added piece of your spirit to come into place…

Maybe you had forgotten that you were a Writer, or an Artist, or passionate about a cause long put aside.

Maybe you had forgotten that you were a Photographer who could capture the world like no one else ever has, or ever will…

And  just maybe, YOU are a Healer who can lay hands on the sick, or help to mend the broken-hearted.

Maybe you were born to create a Documentary that will change the lives of many people.

Maybe your Voice is needed for songs, for motivation, for inspiration ~ you may possess a heavenly tone for uplifting those who need to hear your words of compassion, understanding, wisdom and knowledge.

God is like an umbrella ~ covering all people, places, and things.

You are loved, you are special, you are needed, and you are ‘called’ to BE just who God intended you to be.

And, who on earth can disagree about that?

René Allen

© Copyright – René Allen – April 4th, 2016 – UMBRELLA LIFE – All Rights Reserved

Bringing in the New Year on a joyous note…

UnderMyRedUmbrellaAs we roll into the month of March 2015…We begin to recognize that our view of life may have changed drastically  from how we felt this time last year — for the good or not.

It is time for a change of heart if you’ve felt like you have not been on track with your life goals. Not to worry, you can start afresh this year!

Wishing for you the best year ever, complete with all the love and joy that you deserve.  If you have your umbrella, make sure you don’t forget to dance in the rain ~

Blessings during your RAIN DANCE!