When a Journal whispers your name . . .



Sometimes a Journal will whisper your name.  In those times, you’ll hear this voice calling out to you so that you may turn the mystic key to unlock the writings waiting to emerge.

The reasons why Journals are made is for the many Writers that are sitting around forgetting their “gift of the pen”.

 The question for you today is:  Do you have your Journal ready?

 If not, do take the time to go out and find one that will pull your heart strings, and get your writing juices stirring.

 It is vital that you keep tabs on the Writer inside of you.  That Writer is your dearest friend.  Whenever you need to know something about yourself and you think that you are clueless…

 Surprise!  The Writer in you has the answer, and can express it clearly and most accurately to you if you take the time to engage in a two-way conversation in the pages of your Journal.

 I’ll be back with more Journal tips for you.  See you back here soon with your Journal in hand!

By René Allen

©Copyright 2017 – Umbrella Life by René Allen – All Rights Reserved





Whenever you come across something interesting as you go about your day, remember to take a picture with your camera, cell phone, or tablet.

You’ll be amazed at just how inspiring a photo can be when you glance at it later.  Imagine the memories that will resurface.  The creativity that will emerge from your soul.

With EYES WIDE OPEN, let the JOY of LIFE guide you today ~ and ALWAYS ~




Is there anything that you can do today that will serve as a cover for another precious soul that crosses your path?

Can you make a conscious effort to be aware of those who may need a little support, a smile, or inspiration today?

Would you be a kind voice that soothes a worried mind today?

Learning to LOVE is part of one of the meaningful ways that you can share in the UMBRELLA LIFE.

Let LOVE guide you today ~ and ALWAYS ~